Little Acorn Marketing

We aim to be APPROACHABLE and offer our clients PRACTICAL and AFFORDABLE solutions.

In an uncertain economic climate it is important that you ensure your company continues to maintain and grow its profile in the marketplace.  This is where Little Acorn Marketing can help you!

We have a simple 3 step approach to working with our clients:

1. FREE consultation

We are happy to meet with you to discuss your specific objectives and to give you further information on our experience and capabilities.  This initial consultation is limited to 1 hour.

2. Planning

From the initial consultation we prepare a proposal based on your specific requirements.  This is then submitted to you for review.

3. Implementation

We would work with you on the implementation of the plan, seamlessly as if we were your in-house marketing resource. The big difference is you only pay for what you need without the overhead of employing an internal marketing person.


So why not contact Little Acorn Marketing TODAY and arrange your free consultation.  You have nothing to lose except 1 hour of your time but your business has a lot to gain!